Our Research Center:

Research GCP is a state-of-the-art research facility designed as a dedicated research site

·  Full time research dedicated board certified Medical Director available 24/7
·  A robust pool of board-certified physician investigators covering the major medical practice specialties
·  Regulatory Department: 4-7 day turnaround on all submissions and queries.
·  Feasibility Contracts: 5 days

  • Recruitment: Dedicated Professional Recruiter with vast experience
  • Centralized Contact Center
  • Capability to Conduct Phase I and PK trials off site both domestically as well as internationally,

·  Dedicated Monitoring Room
·  Secure Medical Records Cabinet
·  Full time certified security guard
·  Secured Investigational Drug Storage (double locked, humidity and temperature-controlled)
· Ample parking available 

. Contracted Diagnostic Laboratory both Local and Central

·  Contract Agreements with Multiple Diagnostic Centers within the building and in the Community
·  Freezers -2-8 ºC; -20ºC
·  Temperature and Humidity Monitoring via strict SOP'S
·  Refrigeration equipment and dry ice
·  Heart Station, including EKG Machines, Echo-ECG, Holter Monitoring, and Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring
·  Radiology Studies can be conducted on or off premises within minutes
·  Laboratory with phlebotomy and on-site processing with specific SOP'S
·  Pharmacokinetic testing
·  Psychometric Testing and VAS Scales
·  Pulse Oximeter
·  IATA Certified Staff
·  Research GCP-Global Clinical Professionals is advantageously located for the convenience of our patients/subjects, clients/sponsors as well as our own staff.



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