Research GCP-Global Clinical Research Professionals LLC, and our Network of highly trained and distinguished medical experts along with their human touch and dedication to the health sciences is the key to your success. It is this level of professionalism that ensures our clients and sponsors that their subjects are being acutely observed from start to finish of their trials and assessed by a group of clinical and medical staff.  


Principal Investigator: Edgar A Marin M.D Family Medicine

Principal Investigator: Wanda Boote  M.D, Dermatologist

Principal Investigator: Andrew S Mallon  M.D, ENT

Principal Investigator: Scott M Greene M.D , ENT

From a Global Perspective Research GCP has licensed physicians experienced in the conduct of clinical trials in some of the key spots of Latin America. Below are just a few of our recognized principal investigators.

Rafael Alberto Roca Vides M.D. Internal Medicine
Reynaldo Perez M.D. General Practitioner
Gualberto Perez M.D. General Practitioner
Jose Gregorio Urbina Daza DDS Maxilofacial Surgery
Gina Patricia Pautt Arrieta DDS  General and Cosmetic

Staff Expertise

Our research staff has dedicated their scientific and human sciences careers to clinical research and has been involved in clinical pharmaceutical investigations for over 20 years. With hands-on active participation in over 1000 clinical trials, we have the practical sense and foresight to effectively execute any major trial in a pristine regulated fashion. 

Gualberto Perez M.D. General Practitioner with 25 plus of years of experience in the clinical,medical, scientific and reulatory drug and device development in various therapeutic areas in phase I-IV R&D.

Dr.Perez with over 20 years of Successful Management experience at the executive suite level in the pharmaceutical industry (CPO/Clinical Reseach Organization and Clinical Site level in Phases I-IV. 15 years of Experience in the clinical laboratory management of CLIA, COLA and CAP cetified laboratories dedicated to clinical research trials.

Our Quality Operators Manager has been involved in the execution of clinical trials for over 17 years dealing with all aspects of research from, subject safety, feasibility, study start up, recruitment, quality assurance, screening, study admissions, database build up, community outreach programs.

Our Staff, has been directly involved in FDA, EMEA, Sponsor/Client, IRB, Health Department Audits, Internal Audits, staff training. Our Staff are logistical gurus when it comes to creating study plans and effectively creating high level teams of research professionals. With well over 600 clinical trials conducted, our staff brings forth a vast amount of applicable knowledge to Research GCP.

Juan C. Rodriguez PhD in Chemistry, Scientific Liaison Research GCP, FIU Post Doctoral Research Assistant.

Betty Santiago RN,BSN Clinical Study Manager.

Jose R Oliveros  Registered Respiratory Therapist,Blood Gas Analysis Technologist,Registered Polysomnographic Technologist.  

Jacqueline Hernandez RN, Clinical Study Manager

Alexandra Puche, Regulatory and Compliance Associate. In addition to the above captioned talent Research GCP has a trained pool of research coordinators, assistant coordinators, medical assistants, phlebotomist available to commence work on your project  in an expedited and protocol specific fashion.


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